About us

Sailing is our hobby, work and passion. Our team has pursued it from a young age and we have been lucky enough to turn it into a profession. Our company has grown gradually, from humble beginnings in the 1990s. We started out with amateur offshore racing before dedicating ourselves to sailing professionally. In 1999 we founded a Slovak yacht charter company that operated boats in Croatia. A few years later we launched a Croatian office. Our company has continually developed and in 2015 we decided to rename it to FIRST YACHTING, s. r. o.

Nowadays our company is one of the leaders within the Croatian charter market in the field of “one designe” boats with its Benaeteau boat fleet.


‘One design’ racing pits competitors against one another in boats of identical design and equipment, with tactical and technical skills deciding the winner. ‘One design’ races obviate the need for complicated handicapping, thus lowering the entry cost for competitors. They are popular for their fairness. ‘One design’ racing is a delight for all those craving action, highlights and unforgettable sailing and viewing experience.

We are constantly improving the range and quality of services on offer. We strive to be flexible and to meet our clients’ wishes. Besides the usual charters we organise or co-organise races, team-building outings or other corporate events. We also offer a sailing school and RYA-certified courses.

Are you ready for summer vacation at sea?