Have you ever thought of the holiday on a yacht with the kids?

Have you ever thought of the holiday on a yacht with the kids?

No problem!

The holiday on a yacht is becoming one of the most interesting and affordable holidays for tourists all around the world. You can enjoy it with your friends and definitely with your kids as well. Many people are hesitating, whether to take kids on a yacht, not to ruin the family holiday.

Those are mostly just the unnecessary doubts !

After the experience with our clients, it is very unusual to have the holiday on a yacht ruined by the kids and most of the people are enjoying the holiday according to their expectations. Kids love the boats and the sea and it is rather different kind of holiday for them opposed to sitting on the beach and playing with the sand and the pebbles. It is exploring of the new worlds for your kids. They are also taught the responsibility and the rules, which must be obeyed on the yacht (or any other boat) at all times.

The holiday on a yacht with your kids can be fun and eye-opening. Based on the words from the experienced yachtsmen, we can tell you, that most of the kids in early age are very interested in sailing and this becomes a lifetime hobby or the job for them.

How to plan your holiday with the kids?

There is a very good piece of advice for the first sailing with your kids – rent a catamaran. There is more space on catamaran than on the yacht, but based on our experience with our regular clients, they tend to rent a yacht anyway.

We can provide you with the following:

  • The belts for securing the kids in case of the big waves (not to fall overboard)
  • Life jackets – we just need to know the age and weight of the kids onboard
  • Safety net on the side of the yacht without any additional payment

The rules for the safe and successful holiday:

  • Make your kids aware of the security rules before the holiday
  • Life jackets are a must when going on a yacht with your kids
  • The kids shouldn´t move about alone and unattended when on a yacht
  • 1 rule – Captain is the boss and his/her words are holly 😊

What to take on the yacht for your kids and their entertainment ?

  • Inflatable air mat
  • Snorkelling Equipment
  • Something for keeping their attention throughout the sailing (colouring books, favourite books or toys)

It is important to know in advance what distances you would like to sail with your kids per day. The best option is to set the distances for up to 2 hours. Consequently anchoring and going to the beach on the inflatable boat, which is the part of the yacht. After the rest it is recommended to sail for another 2 hours to reach the port, where you´ll spend the night.

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