Going first time on a yacht? Here you will find some useful tips that will help in case of a sailboat definitely Jews. A yacht apply slightly different rules than on land, and it is good to be prepared for it.

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Crew members are obliged to follow its instructions and perform them immediately . The problem with accomplished authors leave home and obey the captain's instructions without exception.

Most will use shorts, T-shirts , swimwear, light shoes (do not leave traces on board !!! ), sneakers. Do not forget to warmer shirt with long sleeves, lighter jacket, ideally with windproof and waterproof coating, hat, sunglasses and sleepwear. Be sure to also pack a dress in bad weather ( warm socks , fleece jackets, hats , waterproof shoes, pants and jacket ). If you decide to go to the port in the evening or during the voyage you have planned other social events , include a social clothing from crease resistant material.

Already in the planning of staying on a yacht , think about the menu. Kitchen on the boat is equipped for conventional cooking , you can therefore during the voyage to prepare favorite foods. What will be easier the more you will enjoy sunshine on board. Do not take with them zvytočne many foods , large portion of your inventory with you, it will go home. If you missed something , you can buy it in the supermarket and you will definitely feel like to sit in the Harbour restaurant. What would you could come in handy on board : - Homemade and sterile poultry , pork and beef , - Pasta with tuna , pesto or tomato sauce , or treated for any other way - Quickies poultry - A hearty soup of lentils , beans, chickpeas with vegetables and pasta (use already cooked canned legumes )

Usually, the symptoms last for two to three days . In the worst cases even longer. It could be a milder forms ( headaches, loss of appetite, tiredness ), a more severe form ( add and vomiting ) or severe form ( strong resistance to any diet, severe vomiting bile and gastric juices, lack of coordination ... ). The severe form occurs in only 15-20% of people. If this happens for you, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. The opinions of experts on medicines for motion sickness vary because of side effects. But what to do when it comes to you ? Try to find a place on a boat in the middle, where it at least varies. Do not ingest alcohol, preferably for 24 hours for sailing. Be as much as possible on board, at least in the lower deck. Please take action, not too tiring remits your attention. Listen to music through headphones. Lie on your back, close your eyes. Avoid strong odors. Try to knock out the coffee, dairy products and said alcohol.

In case of unforeseen circumstances that could complicate navigation , water or energy may be missing . Every day should be checked fuel tank, water , engine oil level , engine cooling . Watch weather forecasts and adjust the course of the voyage . If strong winds and approaching storm , pull the sheet as soon as possible , do not wait unnecessarily . A yacht must all have their place , do not leave things just pohodee , keep the overall procedure. In the case of storms and heavy seas can be scattered objects or slippery floors cause injury.

Any damages that you notice when you download can later be credited to your debit . Check the board , sheets, fixtures, interior , everything in check letters received when downloading . Do not be shy to ask for anything , our staff is available to you.

Are you ready for summer vacation at sea?