Yacht holiday for the same price as in a hotel

Yacht holiday for the same price as in a hotel

Would you like to get to know the country in a different way than just drive a car or a scooter on the ground? Are you tired of going back to the same place and search for commercial beaches that are always crowded? Would you like to experience your own private beach?

Yacht Holiday includes all these options and you can go anywhere in the world! You can also pick luxury and expensive places, but we have more affordably places too.

The price of the boat holiday will be the same as the price of a hotel on a ground.

Which destination is the best for me?

I am looking for more affordably places so that I can focus on travelling on a boat. Countries such as Croatia, Turkey, Greece are what you are looking for. These countries have equilibrium prices.

I am looking for exotic and luxury places where I can expierence different cultures and services for a higher price. Cuba, Spain with Islands, Dominican Republic, Thailand and many more exotic islands, beaches or places you can only see on a Vacation on a yacht.

What am I paying when chartering sailboat, catamaran or a motor ship?

The Price includes:

  • Charter of a boat
    • depends on a size, age and the crew
    • starting from 999 EUR for one week including 4 people (depends on destination, charter company, time of a year and a size of a boat.)
  • Transit log
    • you should always leave the boat nice and clean same as in a hotel when you check out. Also we need to check the boat from the inside and outside for any damage
  • Re-fuelling the boat
    • each boat is chartered with fill up tank and has to return like that – it is very similar as when you fuel your car or a scooter during your holiday.
  • Community charge
  • Parking at the docks
    • Depends on a popularity a of place, no fee for anchoring

What If I do not own a boat license? Is it possible for me to drive a boat?

Are going on a boat for a first time and you would like to experience if it is a right fit for you ? There is an option that you can find your own captain with a boat licence if you know anybody or a charter company will find one for you. The prices goes from 100 EUR/ day and higher.

What If I really liked the Vacation and want keep coming in the future?

You can contact us and we will provide you a boat licence which starts from 250 EUR and you can start to drive a boat by yourself.

We will be happy to custom you a vacation with us:

Write us:

  • Number of people
  • Date (month) of the Vacation
  • Lenght ( during a season is possible to rent from one week, off season is possible to get a charter for days it also depends on a choosed destination.
  • With or without a captain

We will send you our best offers that you will be able to choose from.

First Yachting

Are you ready for summer vacation at sea?