Hidden beaches and places for holiday on a yacht in Croatia

Hidden beaches and places for holiday on a yacht in Croatia

Are you tired of the apartments and hotels located far away from the sea? Overcrowded beaches, where you just can´t enjoy the calmness and the sounds of the sea. Many people decided to visit Croatia over the last years and it became one of the most visited holiday destinations. Here you can try one more interesting type of accommodation, apart from the hotels and apartments.

Come and try the holiday on a yacht, where you can enjoy the accommodation directly on the sea. You´ll experience the private beach and nobody will disturb you during your holiday.

On a yacht, you will reach the places, which are not accessible to the people on a regular holiday. You can explore the secret beaches on the islands just by yourself and spend every day in a different place – the place which suits you the best.


Behind this island, there is just the open sea and if you want to go further, you´ll reach Italy. Biševo is typical for its beautiful Croatian nature with just few inhabitants, who will catch the fish or the sea food for you with pleasure. The island doesn´t have the hotels or the apartments, so the only option is to sleep on the yacht. There is a cave called „Modra špila“ on the other side of the island. The tourists visit the cave throughout the day, but it shows its beauty early in the morning, when no one is there.


Vis island is hiding the marvellous beach with the fine gravel in the small Stiniva bay. This beach belongs to the most beautiful beaches in Europe and is suitable for everybody – the families with kids as well as the partners spending the romantic moments together.

The beach is accessible from the sea. You can anchor straight in the bay and use a motorboat to reach the beach.


Cres Island is a typical exotic island, where you can find many bays surrounded by the big rocks. There are fine gravel beaches pleasant to your feet and the beautiful azure sea. You won´t see the fast food stands or restaurants here, just the beautiful intact nature. The best time to visit Mali Bok is early in the morning, because most of the tourists tend to come here in the afternoon.


Pag island is known as a tourist island, which is full of clubs and restaurants, but on the south side of the island, there is a bay with azure sea called Beritnica. You can find caves and rock walls for the climbers there.

Photo: Croatia.hr / Ivo Pervan

Salt lake MIR, Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok has the tag of „the most beautiful in Adriatic“. Inside of the island, there is a salt lake called Mir. The lake is salty because of the fact that it is connected with the sea through the underground cracks. It is a unique gem located in Croatia, which is worth exploring.

Photo: Croatia.hr / Ivo Pervan

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