Why to spend the holiday on a yacht?

Why to spend the holiday on a yacht?

The holiday on a yacht is a completely different dimension of spending the holiday, compared to the one, which is usually known by the people in apartments and hotels. If you go for a holiday in a hotel or an apartment, you spend the whole time at one place. On the other hand, if you go for a yacht holiday, you see many different places within the visited country. There is a possibility to swim wherever you like and have your own beach on a yacht every single day. You spend the night time in a different place on the coast or an island exploring its beauty.

Many people think that spending a holiday on a yacht is just for the rich and wealthy clients and nobody else can afford it, but we can prove the opposite. The holiday on a yacht can be cheaper than the normal holiday in the hotel and on the beach.

There are few reasons why:

  • Each day is different and new – different place for exploring the surrounding beauty. In a hotel you spend all the time at one place and usually go for the trips, which you need to pay. On the other hand, you „carry“ the yacht with you anywhere you go and if you don´t want to come back, you spend the time at the place where you liked it the most. You can explore the places, which are hard to reach from the reception desk or are too expensive to visit if you want to hire the boat and the captain just for a day.


  • Your yacht can leave the busy town, which is full of tourists, and sail to the beautiful and quiet bay. In each country, there are places or bays, which are uninhabited and nobody goes there. You can relax, sunbathe or do whatever you like. Tailor made romance.


  • On a yacht you can sail the sea without the sound of an engine and enjoy the beauty of the place, sound of the sea and the beautiful silence around you.


  • On a motor boat, which is attached to the yacht, you can quickly travel from one place to another according to your needs.


  • You don´t stick to a schedule or a plan. It´s up to you to choose the route.

Is the holiday on a yacht the best choice for your next trip?

Are you ready for summer vacation at sea?