Teambuilding on a yacht?

Teambuilding on a yacht?

Would you like to offer the corporate entertainment connected with the outdoor training on the yacht and relax to your employees.

Would you like to support your company team and cement it straight on the sea?

Experience the teambuilding, which most of the companies try to simulate, but we can offer it to you in a real time and space.


We are First Yachting, which is 28 years on the market and has many experience with renting the yachts all around the world. We also organize the yacht race and teambuilding events, tailored to your needs.

What is the teambuilding on a yacht?

Teambuilding is known for making the bonds between the colleagues stronger. There are various tasks, which must be solved together by the employees, thus building the informal relationships between them. It is also a way to find the answers for disagreements between the colleagues.

We are offering you the possibility to spend some pleasant time on a yacht with your staff. You can choose any date and length of your stay. We have the best captains, who will guide you and show you the beautiful places  Croatia , plus they teach you how to control the yacht.

We create the programme, which will be the connection of the adrenaline and relaxing experience. We will ensure everything regarding the rental of the yacht and the fees, which are required for anchoring in the marina. Not to get you starving, we ensure the food and the possibility to order the finest local restaurants, wherever you may anchor the yacht. Fuel, local tax and the travel insurance is also included in the price.

The only thing we require from you is to come on the agreed time and the agreed place and enjoy it to the full!

Did we convince you? Set sail with us.

First Yachting

The price is always calculated according to the requirements of the client, which depends on the length of the rental and whether it is peak season or low season.

Are you ready for summer vacation at sea?