The holiday doesn´t end with summer !

The holiday doesn´t end with summer !

You might think, that the sailing holiday is possible just between June and September, which is not right ! The holiday outside the summer season is possible from October till May. We give you some hints for the nicest places, where you can spend your exotic holiday on a yacht.


The biggest country in the Caribbean, which is situated between the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean sea. It is typical for the warm climate and the permanent wind, which is very popular among the yachtsmen. You´ll be surrounded by the natural beauty offered by Cuba and friendly people will surely take care of you.

Playa Pilar Beach, Cuba

ST. MARTIN – EU territory

St. Martin is full of beauty and it enables you to explore several beautiful islands in the eastern part of the Caribbean. It belongs to the second British Virgin Island, which is the most popular among the tourists, who are looking for the exotic holiday on a yacht. Here you can experience an unforgettable diving in some of the last untouched bays in the world.

Maho beach, St. Martin


This group of islands consist of 700 smaller islands, so there is a lot to explore every single day of the year. We recommend to visit the capital city Nassau as well. This is so-called tourist paradise.

Nassau (capital city), Bahamas


Seychelles belong to the most favourite destinations for the sailing holiday. Picturesque tropical islands, impressive granite rocks and the sandy beaches can be found here. You can see the massive palm trees with the coconuts on the beach. Turquoise bays are lined with breath-taking nature scenery. So-called „paradise on earth“.



Mauritius is not only one of the nicest places to sail, but it also has a big history. The island lies in the heart of the Indian ocean and is surrounded by the amazing nature and beautiful white sandy beaches. Oasis of peace and harmony.



If you are an adventurous and professional yachtsman don´t hesitate to explore Thailand. It is surely one of the most beautiful places in the world to relax. Thai islands have a unique scenery of magnificent limestone peaks, beautiful bays with white sands, incredible food and that´s just the beginning…

Krabi area is the most amazing part of Thailand, which is still not affected by heavy tourism.

Krabi, Thailand

Did you choose any of these exotic destinations, where you would like to spend your sailing holiday ?

If you have more questions about the mentioned countries e.g. marinas, most beautiful places and other useful information for your holiday, we would be more than happy to answer them and provide you with the advice you need.

We´ll make sure to offer you the tailor-made sailing holiday according to your expectations.

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