First Minute 2020

First Minute 2020

It´s about the time to plan your yacht holiday for the year 2019. Let´s have a look, what you can get if you make your dream holiday booking soon enough. We give you the best recommendations for the holiday in Croatia, Greece, Italy and many other countries! It´s up to you, where and when you want to set sail – our goal is to make our clients happy and satisfied.

Why to use the First Minute offer?

Saving with the First Minute discount

You choose the yacht according to your expectations and we find it for you in the desired date and location with up to 35% discount. On top of that you get a 5% bonus from our company. Isn´t that the best offer you could get?

Low deposit

You have the possibility to pay just the 30% deposit, when you book the First minute soon enough with us. You can pay the rest in two instalments, which suit you the best.

The biggest selection of the boats

If you book soon enough, you have the possibility to choose any date in your favourite place. The booking of the yachts for 2019 has just started and you have the biggest possible selection of the boats all around the world.

!!If you book your boat soon enough, you have the possibility to choose from the brand new boats, which are being booked in the First minute season as the first!!

7 tips for the best sailing

Family holiday

Read the interesting article about the family holiday on a yacht, which can convince you, that the kids can also enjoy the yacht holiday with you! Throw away your prejudices and choose your holiday without the limits. Enjoy it to the full with your kids and have the unforgettable experience together! Read the article HERE.

Adrenaline with friends?

Take your friends on an unforgettable sailing experience with the taste of adrenaline. Are you attracted by the wind or the big waves? You can use our offer and try Greece and its islands in summer, which offer the right action and wind when sailing. You can also experience that in Croatia in May/June and September.

Relax and fun

Do you like to relax and on the other hand you like to have fun? Would you like to warm up in the sun and experience the culture of the country you choose? Choose Croatia or Spain during summer or try the exotics any time of the year.


You don´t know how to have fun and make your company team stick together? Use our attractive offer and we can make sure your teambuilding will be tailored to your needs. Read HERE !


Are you experienced yachtsmen or yachtswomen? Would you like to compete and have fun together? We organize so called „friendly regatta“ or even professional regatta. If you order regatta, you get the free GANT t-shirts for the whole crew from us. Take a look and read about the regattas from previous years.

Condition sailing

Do you already have the captain´s licence, but you are still afraid to sail on your own? Set sail on a condition sailing with our experienced captains. Try and master all the manoeuvres connected with the sails, getting ashore (striking the ground) and navigation. Contact us HERE.

Captain´s licence course

Did the yacht holiday attract you and you still don´t have the captain´s licence? You can apply for the courses, which are organised on a monthly basis. Read HERE.

Still haven´t chosen or do you have a different idea of the yacht holiday? Don´t hesitate and write us. We will make it tailored according to your expectations.

Are you ready for summer vacation at sea?